Ellesse Interview Nick Clements

  • December 24, 2012
  • Ellesse

Nick Clements is a fashion and advertising photographer whose simple style and eye for detail offers dynamic and modern images that always make the clothes the hero. Now based in London, Clements began his professional career in Italy in the 1980s, working as a graphic designer on fashion projects.

Lucky enough to work alongside some of the world’s top photographers at the time, it was there he discovered his passion for not only fashion but also the art of photography.

A lover of fashion first and photography second, Clements found photography became a medium in which he was able to express his vision and fantasies about fashion to the world. Despite working with other people’s designs he was still able to add to them his own creative direction.

Years on, as well as fashion photography Clements now has his own substantial collection of 50s and 60s inspired clothing which he uses in his personal photographic shoots enabling him to draw attention to the classic period of cinema and the mid century which he so loves.

In the Ellesse advertising campaign he references the classic Italian movies of the mid century period like ‘La Dolce vita’ and ‘Bicycle Thieves,’ following a trend already established by people like Piaggio who have taken mid century design and updated it in their new vespa scooters.

The contemporary Ellesse imagery he created was inspired by a collective of young love and romance, the golden era of Italian post war cinema, the British mod phenomenon and the Paninari style of the 1980s, the outcome is exquisite.


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