Fly53 Exclusive Product Collaboration

  • April 18, 2013
  • Fly53

This month FLY53 proudly announced their newest and most exciting collaboration to date, pulling together three legendary forces in music culture Fly53, Arturo Vega and The Great Frog.

A limited edition Box Set, this is a story about Punk, Outcasts and a history of tee design all bundled into one exclusive and rare story and strictly limited to 100 pieces for sale worldwide.

A commemoration pack for any ardent fan of The Ramones this latest deliverance witnesses the streetwear staple join forces with Arturo Vega – creative visual director for The Ramones who pioneered the well-known Ramones T-shirt – and The Great Frog, heritage rocker and punk fashion staple.

This collectible sees two T-shirts, hatchet and zine in an engraved wooden casket. The tee features a front image from a 25c photo booth capturing Vega’s leather jacket from the ’70s “Nueva York” as he nicknames his new hometown, while the back sees an iteration to the recognizable Ramones logo.

Meanwhile, The Great Frog recreated an updated version of Arturo’s part bronze, part silver hatchet from the ’70s, sitting next to a handmade fanzine which tells the story of the collaboration with in-depth interviews from all involved. Momentous and eloquently crafted, the limited box pack is now available exclusively via


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