New Model Army tees auctioned through eBay

  • November 15, 2013
  • Fly53

For the music industry the year 1985 was the year of ‘heroin chic’. You had bands pretending to take it and the media semi-promoting it. However it was also the year that the band New Model Army made a statement on Top of the Pops that caused a long term rift with the show.

Designer and long-time friend of NMA Joolz Denby was sick of this attitude towards drugs and seeing what was happening in her neighbourhood she tried to take on the council and educate the locals about the dangers. NMA was even active in supporting local Drug Charities. Then a surprising request to play Top of the Pops presented itself and what a great opportunity to make a statement.

For the show Joolz hand painted four tees for the band in the hope of deterring any teens off the path of hard drugs.

FLY53 has always championed the Tee as a canvas. Having been sued banned and had product pulled for making statements, we thought this was a perfect story and one that deserves highlighting.

So we reprinted the tee in limited numbers, 40 of which were auctioned off through eBay and we have raised almost £2,500 or over £60 per tee. This money will go to Bridge, a drug rehabilitation charity in Bradford.


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