Hollywood’s elite Love NTW Eyewear

  • October 29, 2012
  • None The Wiser

None The Wiser or NTW is a brand new, hard hitting, functional, fashion forward, eyewear brand with an eco-conscience. Established in this year NTW is the new stylish, playful and original kid on the block but unlike its predecessors it’s not just a pretty face and it’s creation aims to offer a solution to the major problem of deforestation.

From day one it set out to produce the finest, unique and stylish eyewear inspired by the best vintage and most iconic styles from through the decades. By designing and manufacturing eyewear using bamboo an eco friendly, rapidly renewable, sustainable product, as opposed to precious slow growing wood like its competitors, NTW is able to both care for the environment and keep it’s fans looking fresh.

It’s ethos is simple and proving popular. In the months since its creation the brand has earned itself a substantial following of like-minded environmentally aware yet fashion conscious supporters. Most recently A list Singer/ Songwriter Beyonce supported a pair whilst out walking with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter.


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