Mike Tolman Focus International Director/ Tennis Champion

  • October 19, 2012
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This week we’re marking the achievements of one of our own here at Focus International. In the last 12 months Mike Tolman (Company Director) has added another 2 established awards to his collection; The Yorkshire Tennis Championships and The Yorkshire Racquetball championships as well as taking part in the UK team trials for Padel Tennis in a bid to represent Team UK at the world championships in Mexico this November.

Having established himself at a professional level on the Tennis scene at 17 Mike, keen to try something new began training in an increasingly popular sport in the UK, racquetball. Unlike any other racquetball is unique in that there is no net to hit the ball over, no out of bounds area and no line to hit the ball over.

His latest venture has been the newest sport to join the UK scene, Padel. Brought over from Spain and Latin America where it’s played extensively it’s only really taken off seriously here in the last two years. Training at the Huddersfield Lawn Tennis and Squash Club Mike found a passion for this increasingly popular game and 3 years ago competed in the UK European Championships.

This year numerous clubs across the country, regular tournaments here in the UK and a new found post Olympic enthusiasm springing from younger generations keen to put down their games consoles and put up their trainers the future of the sport is looking bright, and Mike hopes to attend the World Championships with a much more competitive team.

On behalf of everyone here at Focus International Ltd we’d like to wish Mike many congratulations and continued success in the coming World Championships.


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