Unsung Hero – Graphic Design Competition

  • November 26, 2012
  • Unsung Hero

Over the last two weeks Unsung Hero have been running a competition in conjunction with Leeds University. The competition gave design students the opportunity to win the chance to work and learn alongside the talented design team at Unsung Hero HQ.

Students were set a design brief which included three key aspects:

Their first task was to design a range of product which included graphics based on a photographic backdrop to engage the consumer with a recognisable/ desirable scene or scenario, as well as illustrative qualities bringing a parody or humourous element to the artwork.

The second part of the task asked the students to research a trend or potential future trend in the market and design two graphics to fit with this trend. Presenting their ideas on large A3 boards both on and off of selected models.

Last but not least the students were asked to devise a cost effective way of marketing the Unsung Hero brand as a whole as well as their own designs which was to include a demonstration of exactly how their marketing concept would work.

From very early on the Unsung Hero team were particuarly impressed with the work of one talented student, Chloe Allen, and last week she was announced as the winner of the work placement at Unsung Hero HQ.

Over the last 3 days the team were delighted to have Chloe working alongside them across a number of projects. These ranged from learning how to resize her own graphics so they were ready for sampling, to creating portfolios displaying the best artwork created by the top 15 students from the 80 initially briefed. Furthermore Chloe was able to take part in working on music inspired graphics, one of the teams current projects.

On behalf of everyone here at Focus International Ltd we would like to wish a massive congratulations to Chloe and wish her all the best in her future design endeavours.


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