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By definition “a person who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution; whose work or talent is unknown or unacknowledged.” Tired of watching some serious talent breaking their backs with no appreciation Unsung Hero was created to generate a platform for launch. It encourages creativity, celebrates all that’s unique and promotes un-established talent by opening its arms to the UK’s emerging heroes. Fashion designers, models, musicians and photographers, get ready for your time in the limelight. Unsung Hero – promoting a life less ordinary.

Breaking their backs with no appreciation, Unsung Hero was defined and created

Fitness, family, friends and self-fulfilment were a few of the major building blocks assembled when the unsung hero concept was first created in late 2009. Unsung Hero is a brand that strives to deliver premium garments for a quality standard of life. Whether you’re walking into the gym or tying up your steel toes for your nine to five, the common path we share is the pursuit of happiness